Can You Expedite Uber Background Check?

Can You Expedite Uber Background Check?

It’s no surprise that you hear questions like, can you expedite Uber background check? Why wouldn’t you want to know? When you are eager and can’t wait to start earning with Uber. However, you need to understand that Uber has principles that govern it and every bit of information has to be verified.

Can You Expedite Uber Background Check

The truth is that you can’t expedite the Uber background check. When it has to do with its drivers, Uber as a brand checks the records of every driver, inch by inch.

They do this to fulfill all righteousness and a need-to-know base. You don’t want to have criminal work for you and destroy your name when they harm your customers.

That is a lawsuit right there and Uber is not in for that. Moreso, the comfort and satisfaction of the customer is her priority.

For this reason, they wouldn’t want to put an innocent customer, with a serial killer, a kidnapper, or a psychopath and the list is endless.

The background check is necessary and it takes time. Even if it takes more time than required, it is worth it.

How Long Should an Uber Background Check Take?

An Uber background check is a process that proves that you are qualified to be an Uber driver. In this process, they check the information that you have filled out in your form.

They even go as further as checking your vehicle report (MVR) and criminal records, if you have been convicted, what state laws you have broken, have your license has been suspended before and why.

When you look at the gravity of the things Uber pays attention to while conducting a background check, you will realize that it isn’t a two-minute exercise.

Most background checks will normally take between 2 to 3 days but an Uber background check is expected to take more as they don’t want to leave any stone unturned.

It can be anytime between 5 days and more.

Why Uber is Taking So Long to Approve Background Check?

Why Uber is Taking so Long to Approve Background Check?

Uber takes the satisfaction and comfort of its customers very seriously and that is why they do an exclusive background check about who they have as drivers.

The life of the customers for the period of the ride from point A to point B may be in the hands of the driver and you wouldn’t want the driver to be an alcoholic or criminal.

In most cases, the background check shouldn’t take more than normal, but when it does it can be because of several things.

It may be that Uber does not have enough data about you to conclude and is trying to get their hands on more information regarding you.

They may also have enough information they have and are trying to interpret it about their policies, to ensure that it meets every one of their policies.

The truth is that Uber needs all the time necessary to check your information because when it has been confirmed that you are an Uber driver, the lives of the riders will be in your hands in the course of the ride.

One thing is sure if you qualify, Uber will let you know and approve you to be their driver but if you don’t qualify, Uber will still let you know and you will not be its driver.

So can you expedite the Uber background check? No, and you shouldn’t even bother because it is an important process that needs time.

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