Can Uber Eats Drivers See How Much You Tip?

Can Uber Eats Drivers See How Much You Tip?

It is no news that people do ask, can Uber Eats drivers see how much you tip? Because most people want the drivers to know they appreciate their services. However other people like to be private and wouldn’t want the driver to know. Here in this post is Uber Eats policy on tipping.

Can Uber Eats Drivers See How Much You Tip?

Does the Uber Eats Driver Know if You Tip?

Just like the bartenders, who see as their tip in the jar increases, we are pretty sure that the Uber Eats drivers fancy seeing their tips.

However, Uber Eats, compared to bars is an organization that prides itself on operating a cashless policy. Because of this, you will not see an Uber Eats driver going around with cash.

So instead of cash as tips, Uber Eats customers can tip Uber Eats drivers using the Uber app.

And yes, the driver can see when a customer has tipped him/her.

It is only right that the driver should be able to know that his/her services are appreciated by the customers and receiving tips is one way to know that.

The Uber Eats app even goes as much as showing them the exact amount that the customers have tipped them.

It is important to note that every tip from a customer belongs solely to the driver and Uber Eats has given the driver full access to it at any time.

So the same way the Uber Eats delivery driver can see their earnings, they can also see their tips and as well calculate the total of money that they are expected to receive at the end of the day.

In the same vein, the driver can also see if you did not tip. Though this is not factual, it is said that most drivers, Uber Eats drivers, don’t accept orders they know won’t be tipped.

You can not blame them as the purpose of anyone going into a business is to make more profit. So when there is little chance of making money, they tend to utilize it to its fullest.

So it is best you tip them when you can.

What Can Uber Drivers See About Me?

What Can Uber Drivers See About Me?

It is a none fact that Uber prioritizes the comfort and satisfaction of its customers. They also pride itself in allowing the privacy of its customers to be confidential.

For this reason, there is limited information that is allowed to be out for public viewing, whether it is for the driver or the rider.

That being said, let’s take a look at the information that the driver is allowed to see about you if you are a rider.

When a driver sees your order he can see:

  • Your ratings as a rider
  • The pickup location that you have set
  • Your dropoff location

If the driver accepts the order, on his way, he can see:

  • Your first name
  • Your pickup location

When the driver picks you up and is on the trip, he can see:

  • Your first name
  • Your pickup location

After the trip and the driver has dropped you, he can see:

  • The approximate pickup location
  • The approximate dropoff location

Your driver does not have access to information like:

So yes, to answer the question that you have been curious about, can Uber Eats drivers see how much you tip? They even have access to see the amount that you have tipped them.

You can choose to tip or not, it is duly stated categorically by Uber that tipping is optional but in some way, it encourages the Uber Eats driver to be more efficient at what they do.

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