Can Uber Eats Customers See Your Picture?

Can Uber Eats Customers See Your Picture?

Can Uber Eats Customers See Your Picture? If it has been a concern regarding how customers see your profile, especially your picture, then you should worry no more. This guide will answer your fears; you only have to tag along.

Can Uber Eats Customers See Your Picture


Now, to the thoughts: Can Uber Eats Customers see your picture? The best answer to this would be not really; whenever a text hits the pin that triggers the auto timer, it’ll just show a push, which means the driver is trying to reach out to the customer. 

If pushed some more, the customer will see the picture or message box still with the picture; any text already sent will be wiped for a meet and wait. 

Also, if the customer insists on placing an order within an hour, they’ll be asked to tip more and even rate. The tip option usually goes off after an hour, leaving just the rating option.

Do Customers See Your Uber Eats Picture?

Customers should know who delivers their parcel, so one can say the answer to this is a yes. They can see pictures of menu items and even the various restaurant locations right before they place an order. 

Every detail of the dispatch rider is revealed to customers not only to gain trust but also to identify cases of mistakes or even raise alarms where needed. So, if the food comes in already open, cold, or very late, it’s okay not to tip. 

The main reason for this act is to give customers a relaxing feel regarding their order and also a proper idea of what to expect whenever they place an order. 

Can I Change My Profile Picture on Uber Eats?

Can I Change My Profile Picture on Uber Eats?

Of course! This is an action with open change on Uber Eats, but there are steps to follow when doing this; all you have to do is:

1. Open Uber Eats on your device; if you do not have it, then you will have to download it. If you do, all that’s needed is logging in with your email address and passcode. 

2. After doing so, you’ll come across three horizontal lines at the top left corner of your screen. Next, choose the ‘Profile’ tab from the listed menu, and this will lead you to the ‘Edit Profile’ option; click it.

3. You will have to go through the options and make changes where necessary on either your profile details or even the display picture if you wish to change it. Once done, click the ‘Save’ tab to confirm changes have been made and saved. 

For any challenges regarding payment options, head to the profile screen tab, click, and confirm all is accurate. The same goes for changing your location and settings.

Other Possible Reasons Why Uber Eats Shows Your Identity

After placing their order, users can access “What delivery people see” in the Uber Eats app. Uber’s Rides company has a similar option called “View as Driver,” which allows clients to view what personal information their driver has access to.

The new function also informs you of the information about you that Uber never exposes to your delivery person. For example, your delivery person will never see your payment method, phone number, rating, profile photo, or last name (unless it is required for alcohol sales).

When you send us a selfie, it gets examined by one of our support specialists. To prove your identification, the specialist compares the selfie to your profile image and other photos you may have previously posted.

In some cities, riders may be required to prove their age in order to ride. When unlocking a scooter, you may be asked to scan or photograph your ID. When scanning your ID, please make sure you’re in a well-lit area.

Bottom Line

Now, consider this: Can Uber Eats customers see your photo? The best response is no; every time a text message hits the pin that activates the auto timer, it will simply display a push, indicating that the driver is attempting to contact the customer

The consumer will see the photo or message box with the picture still shown; any text already provided will be deleted for a meet and greet when they forge ahead. 

Also, if the consumer insists on placing an order within an hour, they will be asked to tip extra and also rate. After an hour, the tip choice usually disappears, leaving only the rating option. 

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