Can I Use Uber to Pick Up a Child?

Can I Use Uber to Pick Up a Child?

With the stress of taking care of kids, we are not surprised if someone asks, can I use Uber to pick up a child? Well, here Uber has its reservations when it has to do with kids. However, here is a guide to Uber’s policies regarding children having rides.

Can I Use Uber to Pick Up a Child

Uber doesn’t allow you any passenger outside that which is ordered in the ride, If you are caught as a driver, you may be permanently disqualified by Uber.

This includes kids as well and Uber also has an age limit for those who wish to take a solo ride. You must be 18 years and above to take a solo Uber ride.

All these taken into perspective, Uber has kid rideshare and it is the only option that Uber will permit you to pick up your child.

There is no cause for alarm because if our guess is right, you are already asking, what about the child’s safety? Is it safe?

It will interest you to know that Uber conduct extreme background checks on its drivers before approving them to Uber drivers.

Uber doesn’t compromise in the background and will not employ a criminal, for this same reason, you are worried.

Outside the background check, there are safety measures put in place, like you being able to track the ride that is carrying your kid using the GPs as provider by the Uber app.

Uber for kids operates by giving you a fare estimate concerning the distance that will have to be covered.

Uber rides for kids have to be scheduled. It has to be scheduled a minimum of 24 hours in advance.

How Do I Use Uber Family?

How Do I Use Uber Family?

Uber Family is an option in the Uber brand that allows you to invite and pay for your loved ones.

In this option, you can track their status and ETA.

To activate and add a contact to the Uber Family, follow these simple steps:

  • Launch the Uber App
  • Click on “Menu”
  • Go to “Settings” and click on it
  • Go to “Set up Family” and click on it
  • The Uber App will display your contact list for you to choose from, who you wish to add to your Uber Family
  • When you have added the qualified contacts, Uber will send them an invite request and they will have to accept.

You must note that this will only work with the latest version of the Uber App.

Before you make this step, you should also note that every trip they take after affirming your request will be charged to your accounts.

So if the person isn’t a family member or a loved one, you shouldn’t go for this option.

Why is Uber Family Not Working?

In some cases, you hear people complain that the Uber Family isn’t working, this may be a result of one or two minor issues.

It may be that they didn’t have the Uber App when the Uber Family invitation was sent.

In this case, you will have to resend the invitation for them to accept it and make use of it.

It may also be because the Uber App that you are currently using has expired and doesn’t support the Uber Family option.

In this case, you will be required to Update the App by going to the Apple store if you are using an iOS device or the Google play store if you are using an Android device.

So back to the question asked, can I use Uber to pick up a child? Yes, you can but with rideshare, if the child is below the Uber age limit.

However, if the child is above the Uber age limit, you can make use of the Uber family option.

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