Can I Order an Uber for My 14-Year-Old Son?

Can I Order an Uber for My 14-Year-Old Son?

Do you wonder and ask yourself, can I order an Uber for my 14-year-old son? Find out the answer to this and more as you go through this post.

Can I Order an Uber for My 14-Year-Old Son

Yes, you can order an Uber for your 14-year-old son. However, it has to be kid rideshare.

They can’t make decisions for themselves and their parents are responsible for everything they do.

Kids are always exploring and may not know when they are doing one thing or the other that may harm them.

In a normal situation, you should not order a ride for them for security reasons. However, Uber has considered all the angle and see that it is possible.

Now, what are the angles? It is the security of the underage.

Uber has stated categorically that they have taken security and safety measures to ensure that you can order a ride for your kid using the kid rideshare, and your kid will be safe.

The security measures that Uber are referring to, are the background check of every one of their drivers.

The reason Uber goes to such lengths is to ensure that they have the right person for the job.

You wouldn’t want your kid to be driven by an armed robber, a kidnapper, or a psychopath.

Uber has also developed a reliable GPS in the Uber App that will allow you to track the ride your kid is in throughout the ride.

Can I Book an Uber for My Son?

Yes, you can book a ride for your son. If he is above the Uber age limits, he can ride on his own. but if he is under the age limits that Uber has set, he will not be allowed to ride on his own.

Different ways booking an Uber for your son is possible.

As stated earlier, if your son is above the Uber age limit, you can order a rider for him using Uber Pool or UberX.

If your son is not of age, you can use Uber kid rideshare. This is an option that will allow you to schedule an Uber ride for your son.

Uber makes it in such a way that you will be able to track the ride, all through the way.

The policies that Uber has in place, has made it so that all aspect of security is taken care of. For instance, Uber does background checkers on drivers before approving them to drive their clients.

Can I Set Up Uber for My Child?

Can I Set Up Uber for My Child?

In the sense of the word, no, you cannot set up Uber for your child. However, if your child is above the Uber age limit(18 years), you can send them an invite using the Uber Family option.

If they accept the invitation, they can order a ride but Uber will charge them instead for that ride.

You can also check on their status and keep track of them and their rides.

So, yes, you can but it depends on the condition at which you are ordering that ride and the age of your child.

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