Can I Make 500 Dollars a Week with Uber?

Can I Make 500 Dollars a Week with Uber?

Are you planning to be an Uber driver and you end up asking yourself, can I make 500 dollars a week with Uber? The truth is that it is very possible but it will take you to follow some guidelines. These guidelines are discussed in detail in the post. We advise that you take your time to go through as the fully grasp the idea behind making 500 dollars a week.

Can I Make 500 Dollars a Week with Uber

Making  $500 a week with Uber is very possible. Uber as a brand has no limit to how much you can make as a driver.

However, the limitations that exist in making higher pay are a function of the limitations that exist within the driver’s determination to be paid higher.

Over the years, many Uber drivers have achieved the aim of making $500 a week.

Research has it that to be able to reach this landmark, one has to consider, the location, your hours of operation, the type of Uber service you are providing, and also the time of the year.

Making %500 a week may not be possible in every city, reason that Uber services do’

It is also important to note that drivers with UberX will get lower fares than those operating luxury Uber.

In the light, drivers in busy high-traffic areas will get more fare, especially during evenings and weekends than drivers in less busy areas.

When you put all these together, you will see that it is very possible to make $500 a week but you have to put into consideration your time of operation, location of operation, and also the type of Uber services that you provide.

How Much Money Can You Make on Uber in a Week?

Uber has a payment structure that covers base fares, tips, and other incentives. has it that most drivers on average, make about $15 to 22 dollars per hour.

Now here is a little mathematics. Let’s say that a driver is hard-working and consistently earns about $20 per hour.

If he works for 8 hours, that will be about $160 daily. If he does that for seven days which is a week, he will have an estimate of $1120.

That is to say that all things considered, that is location, hours of operations, and type of services provided, a driver may earn north of $1120 in a week.

How to Make $300 Day Doing Uber?

How to Make $300 Day Doing Uber?

You can make up to $300 a day and here is the trick behind it.

Remember we stated earlier in this article that an average salary of a driver is between $15 to $22 an hour, well that is just the base fare.

A driver can as well get income from tips and on most occasions, passengers may give tips over 10 to 20 percent of the normal fare.

Though Uber has pointed out that tips aren’t necessary, most passengers give them anyway, because it is their way of showing appreciation for a ride they enjoyed.

You can also get more income from promotions.

Uber now and then, announces promotions that you can take advantage of.

Outside you can choose to tell family and friends about Uber, get them to sign up and makes use of Uber, and be sure of $20s per person you invite.

Can I Make $600 a Week With Uber?

Yes, you can make $600 a week and even more. As we stated earlier, all that is required of you is to be consistent and have a plan.

If you wish to have a target of $15 to $20 in an hour if you run that through 8 hours a day for seven days, that will be more than $600.

The choice is solely yours. You can make $500 or more in a week. So when next the thought comes through your mind, don’t ask questions like, can I make $500 a week with Uber?

Instead, ask how you can come up with a realistic plan to make $500 a week because it is possible.

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