• Žitoproizvod

    With more than 120 employees and a long tradition dating since 1946, Žitoproizvod is currently one of the leaders in Karlovac County in the segment of cereal production, processing, and production of bakery products and fresh pasta.
  • Sirana Šestak

    Dairy farm Šestak is located among the hills of Pleševica, known for its vineyards, only 30 km away from Zagreb.
  • Sirana Runolist

    Tomaić Commerce d.o.o. is a family company from Otočac with many years of experience in cheese production. The main activity is purchase and processing of milk, as well as production of cheese and other dairy products.
  • Repro-eko

    Repro Eko is an organic farm, family food business and a vacation & retreat place. You can find them  in Croatia in the village of Volavje, close to Zagreb.
  • Queen Sheep

    Queen Sheep is a farm established in 2015 with a starting parent cattle of 85 Romanov sheep. The parent flock comes from pedigree breeding and is divided in 3 blood lines: Russian, French and Czech.
  • Meet the King

    Meat The King d.o.o. is a family-owned company specializing in the production and processing of meat coming from sustainable ecological farms in Croatia.
  • OPG Mario Krog

    Family Farm Krog is an eco duck farm in the heart of Zagorje.
  • Marikomerc

    Marikomerc d.o.o. is a family enterprise founded in 1990. They  specialize in trade, distribution, processing and packaging of fresh and frozen fish and seafood. In addition to their own retail network, they also supply restaurants, hotels, caterers, shopping malls, fish markets and other retailers.
  • Mljekara Latus

    They take great pride in their wide selection of products ranging from fresh milk, yogurt, and sour cream to many types of hard and semi-hard cheese. All types of cheese are produced of full fat, pasteurised, non-homogenised milk from the Istrian pasture lands.
  • Hrvatski centar za autohtone vrste riba i rakova Otočac

    Location: Kralja Zvonimira 10, 53 220 Otočac More info: W: E: FB: M: +385 95 973 1639   Croatian center for indigenous fish and […]
  • Choco me

    chocoMe was established with the ultimate purpose of creating the perfect bar of chocolate. Since perfection means something different for each chocolate lover, our enterprise provides the possibility of creating more than 60 million different variations of uniquely designed, customized chocolate bar
  • Chiavalon

    Ever since Sandi's earliest days, his love for olive trees grew each time he visited family's little olive grove with his grandfather. Sandi has always been fascinated by its slow growth, its beauty and the gift it gives after all the hard work. Until 1997, they cultivated only 50 olive trees, about 300 to 400 years old.
  • Brana

    Location: Antuna Mihanovića 29, 33 000 Virovitica More info: W: E: T: +385 33 801 114