Pastry Chef Robert Hromalić
25. svibnja 2018.
Sirana Šestak
25. svibnja 2018.

With more than 120 employees and a long tradition dating since 1946, Žitoproizvod is currently one of the leaders in Karlovac County in the segment of cereal production, processing, and production of bakery products and fresh pasta.

Žitoproizvod is one of the few companies that can boast of the round-the-clock production process. This creates a system that makes its own silos, mills, and the production plant of fresh pasta, as well as a bakery. Quality control of raw materials - from grain to flour - to the Žitoproizvod are able to guarantee 100% excellence of every final product found on our customer's desk.

Among the assortments are: bakery products, fresh and dry pasta and mill products.

By retaining the best quality croquettes and flours they prepare, traditional recipes, enhancing the production process with modern technological innovations and responsible business, offer a choice of products whose quality absolutely does not know the compromises.

And generations have a recognizable taste of childhood.