Sirana Runolist

Sirana Šestak
25. svibnja 2018.
25. svibnja 2018.

Tomaić Commerce d.o.o. is a family company from Otočac with many years of experience in cheese production. The main activity is purchase and processing of milk, as well as production of cheese and other dairy products.

They only use the best quality raw milk from cows and sheep that feed on ecologically clean pastures and apply traditional recipes, all while respecting the highest standards of hygiene and health food safety.

This approach resulted in the establishment of its own brand Sirana "Runolist" to which they are very proud of.

Sirana "Runolist" produces cheeses and other dairy products based on years of experience, traditional recipes and homemade raw materials.

The range includes: Krasnarski cheese, cheese Runolist, Škripavac, Velebit cheese, fresh cheese cow, cow and sheep cheese and Tartufo - cheese Runolist with truffles.

Extension of the range is planned to be introduced by several new products, of which it is certainly a lička basa, an artisanal product that is currently produced in a small number of householders in the Lika area.