Queen Sheep

25. svibnja 2018.
Meet the King
25. svibnja 2018.

Queen Sheep is a farm established in 2015 with a starting parent cattle of 85 Romanov sheep. The parent flock comes from pedigree breeding and is divided in 3 blood lines: Russian, French and Czech.
They merchandise male and female Romanov sheep for breeding from a desired selection and lamb for mutton.
The Romanov breed is a pure, unmodified breed. It is not a mixed breed, unlike most breeds today.
It is mentioned for the first time under the “Romanov “ name in 1802. It originates in Russia, northeast from Moscow, in the upper Volga region, a county named “Romanovo-Borisoglebsk”. Scientists are arguing over the origin of the breed, but they agree upon the fact that it was created by breeding Nordic sheep from Finland and wild sheep. 
Besides early sexual maturity, the Romanov is characterized by high fertility. To put into perspective, this means 100 sheep will lamb 200-400 lambs in one cycle. In the first lambing 1-2 lambs per sheep are expected, while in the succeeding lambings 2,3 or even 4 lambs. The title of “the most fertile breed in the world” is well deserved.
Queen Sheep is located in a mountainous area, which means it is heavily affected by appropriate climates and flora and fauna. 
The farm itself is bordering the National Park Risnjak, which contains one of our most beautiful mountaintops, Risnjak. Unspoiled nature surrounds the farm, and in the middle of the small valley it’s in are many natural creeks and sources of water and many kinds of herbs and edible plants.