Ivan Erak

Jure Tomič
20. veljače 2019.

Ivan Erak is the head chef of heritage hotel Palace in Zagreb which has tradition more than 100 years.

Ivan Erak started his career in numerous a la carte restaurants such as Fellini, Dubravkin put, Okrugljak, Lobby Food & Mood and Potkova at the Zagreb Hippodrome, and this is his first work experience in the hotel system, though he does not differ in adrenaline and dynamics lots of classic restaurants.

Palace carries the title of the heritage hotel, which is also visible through a new menu that retains the attributes of the kitchens' heritage and contains a few carefully designed novelties. Erak' s idea of guiding the creation of a hotel restaurant's offer was to introduce some dishes characteristic of the region so that a new menu such as local trout, mlinci (authentic pasta) and štrukli (also an authentic dish).


Ivan Erak


Hotel Palace