Choco me
25. svibnja 2018.

Ever since Sandi's earliest days, his love for olive trees grew each time he visited family's little olive grove with his grandfather. Sandi has always been fascinated by its slow growth, its beauty and the gift it gives after all the hard work. Until 1997, they cultivated only 50 olive trees, about 300 to 400 years old. After his grandfather fell ill, there was nobody left to cultivate their olive grove, so while his peers were busy collecting football cards and riding their bikes, he had a somewhat different hobby. His only goal was to learn each and every fact about this beautiful tree and to produce extra virgin olive oil that would make his whole family happy.
Istria is one of the world's northernmost olive tree growing regions, which certainly is a great advantage in the production of high quality olive oil. The secret lies in lower temperatures, thanks to which olive trees have a shorter vegetation period and the oil accumulation in its fruit begins later than in southern regions. When summer heat waves strike southern areas, the fruit already contains oil, so the high temperatures cause a considerable decrease in its quality. On the other hand, in Istria, the accumulation of oil begins after the period of high temperatures has passed and can no longer have a negative effect on oil quality. This results in high quality extra virgin olive oil of an intense flavor and aroma, and elegant notes of various herbs.
In addition to being proud of their region, they also take pride in Istria's indigenous olive varieties. Buža, Bianchera (Istrian Bjelica), Carbonazza (Crnica), Moražola and Rožinjola (Rosulja) are olive varieties that have been planted in Istria and the Vodnjan area for centuries.
The most important turning point in the production of extra virgin olive oil on Chiavalon estate, which they introduced from the very beginning, and was up until then completely unknown, was an early harvest and same-day processing. The process involves harvesting healthy olives when about one third of the fruits have changed their color, and processing them the same day in a modern plant using the cold press method, under a controlled atmosphere. Such a process ensures that the olive oil remains exactly the same as it was in the fruit, non-oxidized, with a very low free fatty acids level and a high content of polyphenols - significant antioxidants. All these compounds of Chiavalon extra virgin olive oil have a distinctly beneficial health effect. Chiavalon extra virgin olive oil is not only the ultimate seasoning, it is also a remedy.