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15. lipnja 2018.
Chef Ana Roš
15. lipnja 2018.



1pc. celery (300-450g)

250g flour

165g salt

155g water

Mix flour, salt and water for a gently dough. Wash the celery and remove the roots. Make the dough around the celery and bake it for 20 minutes with 220° and than 45 minutes more with180°. Cool it and leave it at a place with 15° room temperature. Turn the baked celery (it’s still in the dough) every third day, for the first three months. Than turn it once a week for the next six months. Than wait for three more months without turning.

Open it after twelve months and grind it with grater.

For the chicken broth:

500g chicken skin

4pc. chicken legs

150g carotts

150g celery

150g parsley roots

1pc. onion

1pc. garlic


Juniper berries

Laurel leaves


Star anise

Wash the skin and legs, put it in a pot with cold water and salt and cook it, remove the first foam. Then add the washed and peeled vegetables, cut the onion and garlic in two half’s and roast them till they are black. Add them also to the soup together with all spices.

Cook it slow for 1,5h and strain it. Then remove all the chicken soup fat from the liquid and keep it.

For the fat jelly:

150g fat from the chicken broth

250g liquid chicken broth

2 leaves gelatin

2,4g Agar


Mix the agar with the chicken broth. Put the gelatin leaves for 2 minutes in cold water. Cook the Broth-Ager mix for two minutes and add the gelatin leaves.

Then put the broth in a blender and mix in the fat. Fill it in a box and cool it for 4h.

After that cut it in thin slices.

For the sauce:

100ml chicken broth

3pc. egg yolk

30g butter


Heat the broth to 60°, mix in the egg yolk, butter and salt.

To finish:

1pc. celery

2tblsp. celery seeds


Slice the washed celery in 1mm thin Slices and steam it for one minute with 90°. Roast the celery seeds in a frying pan till you can smell a toasty flavor.

Put a few slices of steamed celery one a plate. Spice it with roasted celery seeds and salt. Mix the sauce and add it to the celery. Put thin slices of fat jelly on the celery. At last grind the 12 months aged celery over the dish.