Chef Matija Bogdan

Chef Ante Udovičić
15. lipnja 2018.
Chef Julia Jaksic
15. lipnja 2018.




Dry aged beef file or some other "prime cut" beef

Bone marrow



Rice wine vinegar

Egg yolk

Neutral taste oil




Scrape one half of meat with a knife as you would for a classic beef tartare and cut the other half into half centimeter cubes for a different texture. Place hay in a big bowl and then place a smaller one with meat on top of it. Light up hay on fire and quickly cover the bowl so meat can catch smoke. Repeat the process for a few times for meat to get smoky aromas and taste.

Cut shallots in small pieces and slowly cook until transparent, but not caramelized. Cool  down and blend with egg yolk and a little bit of water.  Mix on high speed, gradually add oil until you get a mayonnaise texture. Season with grated truffle, vinegar and salt.

Season beef tartare with melted bone marrow, salt and pepper.

Serve on a crispy fried cracker and cover with shallot emulsion.