Chef Hrvoje Kroflin

Chef Ana Roš
15. lipnja 2018.
Pastry Chef Petra Jelenić
1. lipnja 2018.




Black pig rack:

4 dry age pork chops (cca 200g a piece)

Fleur de sel


4 bigger potatoes

2 dcl quality double cream

80g brown butter

1 truffle

Salt, pepper, fresh thyme

Potato confit:

1 potato

200g duck fat

Fresh thyme


0.5 kg pork bone

200g mirepoix

2 dcl white wine

1 smaller herb sachet

kuzu powder

Snow peas:

80g snow peas

3 tablespoons almond oil

Quality rice vinegar or white vinegar

Toasted almond flakes

Fresh chives

Hazelnuts and rye bread edible soil:

50 g oven dried hazelnuts

50 g dehydrated rye bread

10 g active charcoal


Remove and reserve the bones from the pork chops and cut them into individual portions. Bake the bones in the oven for 1,5h on 180C. Sautee the mirepoix, deglaze it with white wine, put in the bones and cover with water. Add the sauchet and cook the sauce for 4-5 hours, depending on the quantity of ingredients. Strain it and reduce it until it thickens and before serving the sauce, mix it with kuzu powder until the desired density.

Bake potatoes in a prepared grill ash for about 45 minutes. When cooled, remove potato flesh from skin and put it in the pan. Bake potato skin in the oven unitl crunchy. Sautee potato flesh in brown butter for about 3-4 minutes on low heat, add the double cream and a little bit of broth if needed. Then pour potato cream through a fine mesh strainer and season it.  Transfer it into a siphon bottle and inject 2 ISO cream fillers. Keep in a warm place.

Make potato confit by cutting raw potatoes in brunoise and boil them in a flavored fat slightly below boiling point until they become crunchy, for about 3-4 hours depending on the size. Drain and dry potatoes and keep for further use.

To make the soil mix all ingredients in blender and keep in a dry place.

Cook snow peas for 3-4 minutes and put in a cold water to stop the cooking process. Season with vinegar and oil, and add almonds and chives.

Sear the meat on medium heat until desired level of baking (if it is a dry age pork, it can remain medium). Season it with salt and let it rest for 3-5 minutes. In the meantime, finish other components of the dish.

When all segments are ready, serve the potato skin on the hazelnut soil and fill it with the potato cream, sprinkle with potato confit and grate the truffle. Chop the meat and pour a little sauce on top of it, serve with snow peas salad.