#smallproducers: AgroVelebit potatoes
9. kolovoza 2018.

The “table culture” is deeply rooted in our tradition. Our families gather around a table every day and consider it a symbol of socializing, identity and friendship.

“Around a table” is one of the leading ideas behind Chefs’ Stage, the 1st International Congress of Gastronomy & Hospitality held in Šibenik on 19th & 20th March, 2018, which brought together numerous Croatian and international chefs, talents and gourmands who gathered around our tables during congress days.

This specific Chefs’ Stage table was with us at the St. Michael’s Fortress as a part of the opening ceremony, where we presented all international talents. Later on, the table was moved to Convention Center Šibenik at Amadria Park, where all panel discussions were held in front of the audience of more than 400 food enthusiasts.

Today, Chefs’ Stage table has a special place at Pelegrini summer terrace at the Four Wells Square. Placed within lush Mediterranean plants in this historic setting, the table – with chefs’ signatures on it, serves a reminder of all the great experiences and passions embeded in the first edition of Chefs’ Stage.

2nd edition of International Gastronomy & Hospitality Congress Chefs’ Stage takes place in Šibenik on 18th & 19th March, 2019.

We invite all of you to join us #aroundatable and become a part of the #chefsstage family.